Bio Mta+ - material for the reconstruction of root canals

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Biomaterial for filling and reconstruction of root canals - white based on MTA.

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  • Biomaterial for filling and reconstruction of root canals - white.
  • The product is intended for use during dental treatment as a material for filling and re-mineralization of root canals. After mixing with the liquid Bio Mta + liquid, the working time is about 4 minutes, and the total binding takes about 2 hours, which allows you to end the treatment for 1 visit.
  • Bio Mta + has a remineralizing effect on tooth tissues due to the high content of calcium ions. Silicon-calcium compounds support the structure of tissues after wall perforation and intra-channel resorption.
  • Bio Mta + is characterized by grain size expressed in nano-particles, additionally contains in its composition hydroxyapatite, which is a natural component of bones. By combining these two features, it exhibits excellent biocompatibility and allows full embedding of the material into the existing structure.
  • After mixing Bio Mta + is characterized by extremely plastic, compact consistency, it is not loose. The product can be easily formed, which is important in a situation where there is a need to form an irregular shape. Bio Mta + sticks to a standard tool and can be placed on the channel. This enables a precise and controlled application and reduces the need to use expensive, complicated application tools.
  • Bio Mta + exhibits 3x higher strength compared to traditional Mta type materials. This ensures strong and stable reconstruction.
  • Application:
    • perforation of root canal walls,
    • intra-canal resorption,
    • filling the reverse root apex,
    • with direct pulp coverage,
    • during pulp amputation,
    • in the treatment of teeth with unfinished root development.
  • Bio Mta + should not be used as a permanent permanent filling of the canal.
  • Composition: Calcium oxide, hydroxyapatite and oxides of: silicon, iron, aluminum, sodium, potassium, bismuth, magnesium, zirconium, calcium phosphate.
  • Available packages:
    • Mini 3 x 0,14 g Bio Mta + powder, 1 ml liqud,
    • Standard 6 x 0,14 g Bio Mta + powder, 1 ml liquid,
    • Maxi 10 x 0,14 g Bio Mta + powder, 2 x 1 ml liquid,
    • Pro 10 x 0,14 g Bio Mta + powder, 2 x 1 ml liquid, Matrix Mta +.
  • Procedure for the product:
    • cut off the top of the pipette labeled Bio Mta + liquid,
    • the contents of the entire glass vial labeled Bio Mta + powder and 1-2 drops of Bio Mta + liquid are placed on the plate to earn,
    • stir for approx. 30 seconds to obtain a soft plasticine consistency,
    • if the material is too dense or fragile, add another liquid Bio Mta + liquid,
    • Uwaga! Bio Mta + powder should be mixed with Mio Mta + liquid -  do not use interchangeably water or other liquids,
    • place the preparation in the selected location using the applicator - the Bio Mta + powder package contains a single-use dose,
    • after mixing with the liquid Bio Mta + liquid, the prepared dose should be used within max. 4 minutes - after this time, the resulting mass is hardened.