LC BASE - Bulk Fill self-leveling composite

€57.81 brutto

LC BASE - self-leveling resin-based resin with high fluidity, for intermediate and direct filling of the bulk-fill type to a depth of 4 mm by American company Parkell


  • LC BASE - self-leveling resin-based composite.
  • Highly liquid material for intermediate filling as well as direct restorations in the side and front section
  • It adapts to irregular shapes of deep cavities.
  • The minimum polymerization shrinkage ensures marginal integrity.
  • Well visible on X-ray pictures.
  • It allows bulk fillings to a depth of 4mm
  • The dentine shade fits perfectly into the deep areas of most side teeth.
  • The material should be covered with another composite on chewing surfaces.
  • It is also used to seal marginal temporary crowns and bridges
  • We also recommend LC FILL material that is suitable for complete restoration of cavities without the need to cover it with other composite material!
  • A reputable producer of Parkell USA
  • Package: 1 large syringe 2.5ml (4.8g)

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