Elite Glass - transparent impression material

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Designed for making transparent forms used for polymerization of light-cured materials. Perfect for making temporary crowns in combination with spoons that are transparent and conduct light.


  • Elite Glass is designed for making transparent forms used for the polymerization of light-cured materials.

  • Application:
    • directly - to create molds in the patient's mouth (eg in discolorations),
    • indirectly - on the model (closing diastema, correction of rotated teeth, enamel cracks, irregularities in the structure of the tooth, temporary crowns),

  • The automatic mixing system ensures ease of use and eliminates the appearance of air bubbles.

  • Benefits:      
    • stability - change of dimensions after 24 hours - 0.18%,
    • high precision impressions,
    • short bonding time,
    • the ideal hardness of molds made of Elite Glass ensures unchanged shape and the possibility of re-placing in the oral cavity (along with the polymerized material),
    • unusual transparency of the obtained forms guarantees the appropriate polymerization of light-cured materials used for reconstruction. - mixing ratio 1: 1.

  • Color: transparent.

  • Package:
            2 x 50 ml,
            6 x mixing tips.

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