Aelite All Purpose Body - a micro-hybrid composite

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Aelite - Durable microhybrid composite for versatile use,


  • Aelite - Durable microhybrid composite for versatile use,
  • Suitable for all applications from classes I to VI,
  • It is highly resistant, low polymerization shrinkage,
  • Its high strength makes it ideal for forming the framework of aesthetic layered restorations,
  • Opaque aesthetics provide a perfect replacement for the lost dentine structure,
  • Aelite can be used as part of a layered technique or as an independent restoration material,
  • This composite offers a full range of shades and 2 opaque colors,
  • Unique Benefits:
    • Reinforced and highly filled composite, which provides exceptional durability and resistance to abrasion and discoloration,
    • Universal micro hybrid composite, strong enough to be used in every class of cavities,
    • Excellent gloss and optimal shade that adapts during layering,
    • Excellent properties for easy handling of the material, which increases the possibility of precise sculpting of the final filling,
    • Resistant to "sliding", which allows better control during reconstruction of the anatomy,
  • An ideal, universal micro hybrid composite that is easily polished to look like enamel, while offering resistance to abrasion or discoloration,
  • Available in different colors: A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1, C2, D3, Light Opaque A1-O, Dark Opaque A3.5-O,
  • A universal AELITE AESTHETIC set is also available - Perfect filling requires a perfect combination of durability and aesthetics. The Aelite Aesthetic Universal
  • System is designed to create a perfect connection quickly and easily,
  • The set includes Aelite All-Purpose Body, a multi-purpose, highly-filled, reinforced composite that imitates the dentin layer,
  • Aelite Aesthetic Enamel and Aelite Aestheric Enamel Incisal are attached to create an enamel layer with excellent polishability and enhanced strength,
  • These composites together with the highly rated Bisco BisCover LV system provide a complete solution for the reconstruction of both the front and side spaces

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