Ergonom-X - self-conveying X-ray films

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Self-converging X-ray film - Ergonom-X with a 50-second call time, corresponds to D-class films


  • We all know how burdensome and time-consuming is to call the so-called small photos, especially if it is an endodontic photo and we need it almost immediately.
  • Sometimes it happens that the reagents in our processor are already worn and we have to do only one, the only picture and we just do not want to make new ones.
  • It was on such occasions that the self-conceived X-ray film Ergonom-X was invented.
  • The idea is simple - just look at the pictures above.

  • Ergonom-X is a convenience:
    • after just 50-60 seconds we have a ready-made photo,
    • it lasts for 10 years from the time of its induction.

  • Ergonom-X is an ideal product, if we care about the time, the device for developing just broke down, we ran out of chemicals or simply do not want us to prepare new reagents.

  • Product advantages:
    • offers excellent diagnostic possibilities in endodontic procedures,
    • X-ray image is obtained after 50 seconds - there is no need to use additional devices or leave the workplace - it is a method that prevents clothing from getting dirty and does not require using a special sink.

  • Ecology:
    • these films do not pollute the environment - the chemical remains inside the packaging, which after being put back into the plastic bag, and then it is recycled - the chemical solution used is classified as "special waste",
    • has pH = 11.4 - Ergonom-X does not contain lead, cadmium or thiosulfite compounds.

  • Hygiene:
    • each of the films before being delivered for sale is subject to disinfection; it is placed inside a disposable packaging to ensure patient and operator hygiene.

  • Ergonom-X plates provide the highest quality images. For archiving purposes, the picture can be stored for 10 years, which is in accordance with ISO 10602 and EEC regulations.

  • What do you gain?
    • you save time (photo in 50 seconds),
    • you save reagents (they are already in the package),
    • you save money (you do not have to buy the developer),
    • you save nerves (you do not have to wait a few minutes),
    • you save the environment (ecological product).

  • Ergonom-X - the product is available in two applications:
    • Ergonom-X films correspond to the "D" movies class by standard for dental films (recommended).

  • How it's working?
  • inside the sachet there is a powerful and refreshing liquid. It should be moved to the tray with the plate. We massage the tray with the plate, remembering to perform alternating movements, so as not to create bubbles of liquid and air. The process of calling and fixing takes place within 50 seconds. After ripping the sachets, we rinse the film in the current (summer) water and .... ready. You can dry the photo with a hand dryer.

  • Calling - after performing the exposure on the settings for the movie class "D":
    • step 1 - We move the fluid towards the film,
    • step 2 - Massage the sachet with a plate (about 50 seconds),
    • step 3 - We wash the sachet and rinse the film.

  • Ergonom-X is the first solution of this type in the world (self-processing film in a homogeneous bath).
  • The CRA Association (August 2004 edition) recognized Ergonom-X as a product of comparable quality to traditional films.
  • Doctors testing the product emphasize its main advantages when used in emergencies and as support for conventional techniques for use directly on the chair.
  • Standard equipment for field cabinets and cabinets on NATO naval vessels, e.g. US NAVY, US AIR FORCE.

  • The package contains: 50 pieces, therefore, the cost of 1 picture is just about 4 - 5 PLN (and we do not have the costs of processing the developer and look after the expiration dates of the reagents).

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