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Tuff-Temp Plus - material for replacement crowns

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Double-cured composite material for temporary crowns, bridges and veneers. Durable, resistant, elastic contains a gum-urethane, which provides it with resistance to cracks.

Opcje produktu:

  • Tuff-Temp Plus - a composite material in a cartridge, double cured for temporary crowns, bridges and veneers.
  • Now a new, improved formula of gumo-urethane!
  • Chemically cured with the option of fast curing with light.
  • Strong, resistant to compression and crushing.
  • Easy to polish, high aesthetics of the material.
  • Probably covers the tooth during the impression.
  • It does not shrink, breaks, breaks, is much stronger than competitive materials from other global companies.
  • Strong and resistant to pressure and cracking due to the use of rubber-urethane (urethane enriched with rubber) does not shrink or break up, these properties eliminate cracking.
  • Excellent marginal integrity.
  • Hard, fully filling and pressure-resistant, stable.
  • It does not soften or deform during machining.
  • It does not stick to the instruments during finishing.
  • Very nice coloring of the material.
  • A large 50 ml kartridge will allow you to make about 60 crowns.

  • Available colors: A1, A2, A3, A3,5.

  • Big set:
    • 50 ml Tuff-Temp Plus,
    • 20 mixing tips,
    • 1.2 ml Tuff-Tem Provisional Add-on - flow material for filling imperfections of the temporary crown,
    • 3 ml Tuff-Temp Provisional Glaze - glaze that gives shine.