Fortify - sealer / varnish for composites 5ml

€36.63 brutto

Light-curing varnish (sealant, glaze) for low-density composites.


  • Varnish (sealant, glaze) for composites.
  • Light-cured with low density.
  • It is a pure resin that strengthens the composites on their surface.
  • It protects against the formation of microcracks.
  • Increases the strength of composites by 45% in the first 5 years.
  • Effective for old and new fillings.
  • It permeates and seals various types of fillings, including amalgams.
  • Clean and fill the fill, apply Fortify and rub the thin layer into the surface, blow and expel for 10 seconds, check the occlusion.
  • Packaging: 5ml bottle

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