TheraCem Ca - double-cure cement

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Self-adhesive, double-cure composite cement of the new generation. In its composition, the only cement contains amorphous silica and Portland cement (MTA). It is the only cement with alkaline pH. It does not contain fluorine.

  • Theracem Ca - a new generation self-adhesive composite cement, BISCO (USA), double-cure.
  • In its composition, the only cement containing amorphous silica and Portland cement (MTA).
  • It does not require etching or other primers.
  • Double cured.
  • Releasing calcium, eliminates marginal fissures.
  • Alkaline pH - after cementing it quickly changes the pH from acidic to alkaline, which reduces postoperative hypersensitivity.
  • Does not contain Fluoride!
  • Contains Portland cement (similar to MTA).
  • Intended for cementing crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, inserts (prefabricated, metal, glass fibers, pins).
  • It contains MDP monomer - definitely the strongest cement cementing works made of cubic zirconia.
  • Easy to remove excesses from the margin of preparation.
  • Visible on X-ray pictures.
  • The unique benefits of Theracem Ca cement:
    • continuous release of calcium ions, the natural building material of teeth,
    • change of pH from acidic to alkaline in a few minutes,
    • a special formula enabling easy removal of excess cement,
    • huge binding strength (26.8 MPa),
    • easy to identify on radiographs,
    • easy to apply thanks to double auto-mixing syringes,
    • it contains MDP monomer,
    • the natural color of the tooth,
    • stored at room temperature (does not require refrigeration).
  • Main feature: very strong bond to zirconium (26.8 MPa).
  • Without the use of primers and etchers.
  • Inhibition of bacterial growth.
  • Safe for pulp thanks to alkaline pH.
  • Low water absorption from the environment.
  • Color: white due to the calcium content.
  • Packaging: 8 g syringe + 15 mixing applicators.

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