SteamJet - compact autoclave for terminals - class B

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Class B autoclave is the only method that ensures full effectiveness and safety of sterilization.


  • Steamjet is an autoclave for sterilization of tools used by dentists, surgeons, podologists, beauticians and tattoo studios.
  • Class B autoclave is the only method that ensures full effectiveness and safety of sterilization.
  • 100% of Sanepid's requirements.
  • The smallest on the market (25 cm wide x 16 cm height x 56 cm length).
  • The fastest (15 min).
  • The highest class B, medical device certificate.
  • The ability to sterilize tools in bulk or from packages.
  • Warranty 2 years, 24/7 service (we send replacement device or new one).
  • Can be sterilized at 121° C or 134° C.
  • It does not require notification to the Office of Technical Inspection.
  • In the Steamjet autoclave, all tools can be sterilized, the use of which is associated with the danger of disturbing the continuity of tissues, or contact with blood and other secretions.
  • This applies to manicure and pedicure tools in beauty salons, including: files, scissors, tweezers, pliers, pliers, chisels and milling machines.
  • In dental offices, the Steamjet sterilizer can be used for sterilization: scalers, curettes, spreaders, penetrators, excavators, mirrors and dental tips.
  • Sterilization is subject to clean, dry tools, properly packed and arranged in the sterilizer chamber.
  • Supplementary or rarely used tools should be sterilized in the packaging.
  • Only 1 set of tools is ready for use immediately after sterilization without the sterilization package.
  • The course of each sterilization performed is automatically saved on a USB stick.
  • All functions are operated using an intuitive touch screen with a preview of the phase of the sterilization process.
  • Product available on request.
  • Technical Specifications:
    • 230 V / 50 Hz power supply,
    • installed power 3500 W,
    • maximum power consumption 15 A,
    • working pressure 2.1 Bar,
    • maximum pressure 2.3 Bar,
    • weight 12 kg,
    • maximum process temperature 137° C,
    • volume of the 2.7 L process chamber,
    • dimensions of the process chamber 292 x 192 x 45 mm,
    • external dimensions of the device 532 x 252 x 162 mm,
    • IP20 protection rating,
    • data archiving of the USB Drive process.

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