Barrier Film - self-adhesive protective film

€17.50 brutto

Adhesive film to protect against transmission of cross-contamination. Wrap all surfaces that you touch with gloves and then replace the foil leaf with a new one. As many as 1,200 sheets in a roll.

Opcje produktu

  • Barrier Film contains 1200 sheets of film in the packaging.
  • The size of a 10 x 15 cm leaf.
  • It is adhesive so you can easily wrap the parts of the unit that you mostly touch by transferring germs.
  • It is easily removable.
  • Prevents the transmission of cross-contamination.
  • You can easily protect the syringe-blower, material hardening lamp, upper lamp holder, desktop unit, furniture handles, X-ray and other often touched surfaces in the office.
  • Available in two colors:
    • blue,
    • transparent.

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