Over Post - wkłady z włókna

€30.75 brutto

High roughness, do not require the use of silane. Improved strength of adhesion and strength of the reconstructed work.

Opcje produktu

  • High roughness, no silanization required.
  • Improved strength of adhesion and strength of the reconstructed work.
  • Flexibility similar to dentin.
  • The optimal choice of shapes.
  • For all clinical procedures and needs.
  • Short execution time (2 visits).
    • 1 visit for cementing the cartridge and taking the impression for prosthetic restoration.
    • 1 visit for cementing the restoration.
  • High bending strength, flexible.
  • Optimal visibility on X-ray images.
  • Translucent, biocompatible.

  • Packaging: 10 pieces.

  • Available in three different shapes:
    • Prosthetic Over Post prosthetic contribution
    • This insert is designed to rebuild teeth with a missing or very damaged tooth crown.
    • Thanks to the conical shape it is stable and very resistant to pressure forces.
    • Sizes: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4.
    • The inserts are particularly suitable for teeth with a small amount or lack of dentin, intended for prosthetic reconstruction (lace or bridge), because they have the largest diameter at the end of the root.

  • Endodontic inserts Endodontic Over Post
    • They are intended for the reconstruction of teeth with a medium damaged tooth crown.
    • The double-conical shape helps to avoid tension in the crown of the tooth.
    • In the case of rebuilding a tooth with a badly damaged crown or if we introduce more than one cartridge, the coronal part may create a risk of tension between the insert and the structure of the tooth or between the inserts.
    • The special shape of Endodontic Over Post cartridges significantly reduces this risk.
    • Sizes: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4.
    • Cartridges with a reinforced structure, the middle part has the shape of a double cone. Thanks to this, these inserts are great for embedding in channels at different angles. Sizes 1 and 2 are particularly suitable for teeth with long and narrow channels. Size 3 is suitable for teeth with larger channels.

  • Polygon Over Post polygon cartridge
    • It is a cartridge intended for channels that do not have a regular round cross-section. Perfect for premolars and incisors.
    • This is the latest product of the Overfibers company, which is the only one of the world class S fibers to be used for channels with irregular cross-sections.
    • Sizes: 1, 2, 3.
    • Cartridges with an oval shaped post, do not rotate on their own axis, they closely adhere to the channel walls. Embedding the cartridge is very solid. Their characteristic shape allows the use of space available in oval or elliptical channels with minimal removal of dentine. The polygon inserts use a specialized calibration drill (included).

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