Citrisil - tablets for disinfecting water in a container

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Citrisil tablets - self-dissolving, effectively disinfect the water system of dental units.

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  • Citrisil tablets - self-dissolving, effectively disinfect the water system of dental units.
  • They meet the conditions of the new recommendations of the Sanepid regarding the decontamination of water in the dental office.
  • Citrisil does not lower the pH of water in the water system of the unit, thus preventing corrosion of the dental tips.
  • Citrisil does not react in any way to dental materials.
  • It is safe for the doctor and patient.
  • One tablet is enough for one bottle of distilled water depending on its capacity (up to 1 L or 2 L).
  • Citrisil tablets are similar in effect to ICX tablets, however they contain one Shock tablet in the packet necessary for the proper functioning of disinfectant tablets.
  • They come in three variants:
    • Citrisil White - colorless (20 tablets + 1 Shock tablet) - after dissolving in a bottle, they do not stain water.
    • Citrisil Blue - blue (20 tablets + 1 Shock tablet) - color the water to a delicate blue color, thanks to which it is easy to identify the amount of water in the bottle (eg opaque bottle), ensure that the tablet was thrown into the bottle.
    • Citrisil Shock - orange - super strong (10 tablets) - the strongest to use once a month. Ideal as an "activator" for other disinfectant tablet systems, i.e. ICX.
  • Each packet contains an additional 1 tablet of Citrisil Shock - a super-strong tablet for thorough cleaning of the system. We use it 1 x in a month, leaving it in the water system for a minimum of 24 hours.
  • It has the certificates of release for use and the CE mark that allows the product to be sold in the EU.
  • Citrisil uses, among others US and EU governmental institutions, military services, North American and European medical universities, etc.
  • NEW GUIDELINES regarding the decontamination of water in the water system of the unit. If you do not like diluting preparations, we recommend using ready-to-use preparations like E20 or Citrisil tablets. More information on our website. You have questions - call us at +48 63 244 55 77.
  • You can perform an independent water quality test using a simple E-ONE test - more on our website Remember - there is only one way to find out, do a test before Sanepid does it for you, make sure that the water meets the appropriate quality criteria.
  • The guidelines for dentists regarding the quality of water flowing through the water system of dental units are based on art. 1 of the Act of 14 March 1985 on the State Sanitary Inspection (Journal of Laws of 2015, item 1412, as amended) on the necessity of:
    • Possibility of testing water quality from dental equipment of the dental unit (water from dental tips, scaler, syringes, syringes, etc.) in the scope of microbiological indicators: bacteria coli, E. coli, fecal streptococcus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, total number of microorganisms at 22oC and bacteria of the genus Legionella.
    • Supplements in hygiene procedures (including internal control procedures) of disinfection and cleaning rules for medical equipment, entries regarding the implementation and course / disinfection of dental units, including hospital water systems, etc.

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