Aqualizer - bite rail, hydrostatic

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Aqualizer is a revolutionary water system completely different from the others available on the market. While most of the rails simply prevent the jaws and require you to guess what the optimal occlusion will be, the Aqualizer allows you to forget about guesswork and gives the body to independently adjust the position of the jaw and find a balance.


  • A revolutionary water system completely different from the other available on the market. While most of the rails simply prevent the jaws and require you to guess what the optimal occlusion will be, the Aqualizer allows you to forget about guesswork and gives the body to independently adjust the position of the mandible and find the balance.
  • Developed on the basis of a physical law called Pascal's law, which means that by biting the Aqualizer, we evenly distribute the fluid along the entire dentition. Aqualizer is not based on conjecture, it allows the body to find a natural balance and functionality. Our bodies strive for functional balance with Aqualizer we will find it immediately.
  • It allows the body to find a functional balance by unblocking the disorder in which the body has found itself, which makes it an invaluable device for all who suffer from temporomandibular disorders.
  • Already at the first bite, it allows you to regain the ideal bite of the rails prepared with this impression are extremely effective, predictable and require significantly less corrections, leading to valuable savings of time spent by the patient on the dental chair.
  • Aqualizer - is a unique water system:
    • immediately optimizes biomechanics,
    • supports the mandible in a comfortable position,
    • removes the dominance of the teeth, restoring the harmony between the bite and the body,
    • straightens the bite to support other structures as much as possible - Aqualizer - is a kind of bridge here,
    • normalizes bite on call without pharmacological agents,
    • removes the cause of imbalance in patients who have an abnormal bite,
    • triggers systemic functionality and balance,
    • allows the body to self-balance,
    • allows you to immediately find the balance of the bite, immediately starting the treatment process.
  • Greater efficiency at:
    • treatment of TMJ / PDS symptoms, including headache, neck and shoulder pain, stiffness and pains associated with TMD (temporomandibular disorders) or resulting from cervical spine injuries caused by a jerk - these symptoms can be remedied in a simple way at the first visit of the patient. orthodontics and cosmetics: Aqualizer provides better treatment planning for these dysfunctions and better prospects for achieving harmony between teeth, mandibular position, temporomandibular joint and the whole muscle complex - relieves muscle pain caused by disorders in the orthodontic field created during treatment - without restraining tooth movement,
    • oral surgery: pre-operative diagnoses and pain and inflammation relief. improves the problems associated with the limited possibility of opening the mouth while making impressions: wearing Aqualizer before performing the impression sets the physiological central relationship,
    • quick, accurate diagnosis: use the Aqualizer as the first conservative, reversible and inexpensive test to definitively determine the source of the problem,
    • pain relieving with an Aqualizer is proof that the pain is based on neuro-muscular tissue, intensified by occlusion, and has no organic or intracapsular base (in the joint),
    • planning of occlusive treatment: when occlusive treatment is recommended, the patient should be instructed to set up the Aqualizer in the preparatory stage of treatment, it is an extremely effective reorienting factor, so-called a deprogrammer - this will allow the muscles to determine the most functional and the most comfortable position of the mandible - this position should be used when planning treatment if we want to achieve the best results,
    • rails should be constructed according to the occlusion based on the functioning of muscles: step by step, the Aqualizer will precisely help you find the best solutions when correcting any occlusal surface, also with rigid rails - when working with the Aqualizer when making impressions and / or deprogramming or puncturing the cavity, we are able to isolate all disturbances and places causing displacement, thanks to that we can establish a permanent position of occlusion - we will save so much time spent on making corrections and adjustments, eliminate the period of trial and error and increase the comfort for the patient,
    • quick relief of pain is the benefit most appreciated by patients (over one million) - professionals without hesitation and a wide gesture recommend the Aqualizer to all patients complaining of headaches, neck or shoulders - as a temporary pain relief, Aqualizer will effectively remove neuro-muscular pain of occlusive origin.
  • Introduction to temporomandibular disorders (TMD):
    • TMD (temporomandibular disorder) is a series of symptoms associated with temporomandibular joint (TMJ), or jaw joint - TMJ joints located in front of the ears, connect the lower jaw to the skull and allow opening and closing of the mouth, speech, chewing and swallowing - people suffering from temporomandibular joint disorders often complain of the following symptoms,
    • persistent pains - they can be mild or sharp and radiate from the forehead to the sides of the head, they can appear in the neck or radiate to other parts of the body,
    • earaches or stiffness or ringing in the ears,
    • facial pain or tension,
    • neck and shoulder pain,
    • pain above or behind the eyes,
    • limited possibility of opening the mouth.
  • TMD disorder is called big cheaters, because the symptoms are hard to diagnose, despite the use of all therapies and visits to specialists. Millions of people in the US live with symptoms of TMD; Unfortunately, many of them do not recognize the source of pain. This often leads to unnecessary visits to the doctor and dentist, which ends with a whole pile of bills and lead to frustration resulting from ineffective treatment.
  • When to wear an Aqualizer:
    • follow the therapist's recommendations - may ask you to wear the Aqualizer during, before or after treatment / surgery - after the first period of diagnosis, the Aqualizer is not usually worn unless symptoms of pain appear - patients usually wear the Aqualizer during periods of stress or relapses of pain - if you feel the pain coming, put on the Aqualizer - wear it for a minimum of 15 minutes or twice as long as it took the last symptoms - let the Aqualizer serve you as long as possible, carry it as rarely as possible only to control the symptoms - Aqualizers can then survive for a few weeks, depending on the strength with which your teeth are clenching or grinding them - do not wear the Aqualizer while eating or brushing your teeth - after each shot, the Aqualizer should be washed with soap and water or mouthwash,
    • do not wear the Aqualizer for more than 8 hours a day, it will protect the oral tissue against irritation,
    • warning: do not wear the Aqualizer if you do not have a normal throat reflex.
  • Why the Aqualizer works:
    • the jaw of the patient is set depending on how the upper and lower teeth are placed - we call this occlusion - in some people the occlusion forces force the jaw to position itself in such a position that forces repetitive accommodative muscular response - it involves overworking, is it's tiring for them, it's difficult to coordinate them, inflammations are formed and pain is born leading to cramps, splints and radiation pain on the head, neck, shoulders and upper back - in many cases these additional forces are enhanced by stress, unconscious clamping or nocturnal bruxism, which further aggravates the condition of the patient - eliminating the dominance of the teeth and releasing muscles so that they can be arranged optimally, finding the balance of closing, Aqualizer eliminates the constant forced adjustment of the muscles while setting the jaw,
    • flexible Aqualizer coating filled with fluid equalizes the bite forces preventing contact of the upper and lower teeth - it reduces the dominance of the teeth and allows the muscles to take their proper role - the muscles released in this way immediately react with the jaw dislocation in the most comfortable position for the body, which is also the least energy-consuming - when the jaw changes position to respond to the needs of the muscles, Aqualizer cushions provide support and repair bad teeth relations in relation to each other.
  • Please note that the Aqualizer can not replace standard rails or Migran-X (NTI) rails in each case. The treatment process depends on the doctor.
  • Products available only to professionals (dentists), it is not available to individual recipients!
  • We have 3 sizes of 2 mm thick Aqualizer:
    • small (ultra mini),
    • medium (ultra),
    • large (classic),
    • and a Medium High 3 mm thick rail.

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