NTI relaxation rails (Migran-X)

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The NTI-tss system - Nociceptive Trigeminal Inhibition (Nociceptive Trigeminal Inhibition) - also known as Migran-X or AMPSA (Anterior Mid Point Stop Appliance) will help you reduce the intensity of reflex muscular activity during clamping and gnashing of teeth.

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  • The NTI-tss system - Nociceptive Trigeminal Inhibition (Nociceptive Trigeminal Inhibition) - also known as Migran-X or AMPSA (Anterior Mid Point Stop Appliance) will help you reduce the intensity of reflex muscular activity during clamping and gnashing of teeth.
  • Muscle overactivity is a source of pain, therefore when the intense muscular contractions are reduced by the NTI rail, the possibility of grinding or clenching the teeth disappears, and thus the characteristic (pain) symptoms disappear.
  • NTI splint is a small frontal tooth attachment, which is placed on the night (you can also use it during the day according to the doctor's instructions).
  • Thanks to a special design, the rail uses a natural body reflex, unlike traditional bite rails, which cover the teeth in the posterior segment and paradoxically do not eliminate, even trigger the teeth reflexing reflex, which may give the opposite effect to the intended one.
  • Many patients seek help from many specialists such as neurologists, ENTs, but unfortunately they do not find a solution to their problems - and the reason is simple - the source of pain does not always have to be "in the head". Often the cause of headaches is excessive muscle tension in the cranial vault, especially temporal muscle.
  • The main function of the temporal muscle is the movement of lifting the mandible during the act of chewing. It has the shape of a fan and covers the temporal region, extending from the ear to the back edge of the eye socket. It is the strongest rumen muscles of the head.
  • Each of us during sleep and dreams from time to time tightens the temporal muscles and tightens teeth. It is assumed that this is a natural phenomenon, while what distinguishes people suffering from chronic headaches from healthy people is not that they tighten their teeth, but rather the fact that they tighten their teeth much stronger than others.
  • It is very likely that the NTI bus system will help the patient overcome the pain.
  • Main indications for the use of NTI rails:
    • treatment of tension and migraine headaches of voltage origin,
    • treatment of functional disorders of the temporo-mandibular joints,
    • treatment of bruxism (grinding, night cramping),
    • reduction of overloads that cause enamel breakage, tooth hypersensitivity as well as prophylaxis in the treatment of Class V cavities,
    • pre-prosthetic treatment, determination of a correct short circuit (so-called deprogramming of a habitual shorting),
    • relieving the treatment of wing deficiencies during implantological treatment,
    • treatment of stiffness of the neck and jaws, there will be a feeling of greater muscle relaxation,
    • post-traumatic treatment.
  • After applying NTI splints, you experience a better quality of sleep, and improve general well-being. The need to continue taking medications if they are used to fight migraine headaches will also be reduced.
  • Depending on many factors, we have several types of NTI bite splints:
    • NTI "Standard" rail (STD),
    • NTI "Standard Wide" rail (STDW) - is a widened range of the rail, which allows it to be used in the case of weak retentions on teeth or the need to distribute loads on more teeth: short crowns, missing one of the incisors or extensive fillings - splinting beam has a significant height, which must be polished by a physician individually to each patient - the STDW rail is intended for use at night, above all on the upper dental arch - it has much better support on teeth than narrow rails,
    • NTI rail (IGR) - basic bottom rail, designed for use primarily at night, during sleep - have a reduced beam, tapering in the lateral directions, reinforced structure and slightly rounded edges giving the possibility of easy sliding on opposing incisors,
    • NTI rail (RVI) - basic upper rail, designed to be used mainly at night while sleeping - recommended when the size of anterior-posterior gap between the incisors hinders the use of the lower rail - has a pre-programmed height of the deprogramming beam, which shortens the individual grinding procedure at the patient,
    • NTI rail (IGW) - this rail is an extended and reinforced version of the IGR rail designed for patients with particularly strong parafunctions - reinforced structure reduces the probability of damaging the rail and the extended range improves its retention and distributes forces occurring during bruxism on a larger number of teeth protecting them from overloads - increased retention allows it to be used for short crowns of incisors, the absence of one of them or the presence of extensive fillings,
    • NTI "Auxiliary slider" (AUX) rail - deprived of the beams - intended for daytime use or for people with deep bite - using this bus at night is associated with an increased risk of damage and should be associated with more frequent inspections - it can also be used as a second rail - upper joint with the lower rail (IGR symbol) in the case when the upper teeth are irregularly shaped or are incorrectly set - the two upper and lower rails are used simultaneously, with the AUX rail acting as a slider for bottom rail.
  • If you have symptoms such as:
    • worn teeth,
    • the teeth break or there are cervical lesions,
    • I have pain in the area of ​​the jaws,
    • you have frequent headaches,
    • feels sore and hypersensitive,
    • he wakes up in the morning with a stiff neck.
  • Equadent brought to Poland all types of NTI busses (Migran-X). Their description can be found in two subsections on the home page with NTI rails described as day rails and night rails. Please carefully read the different types of rails. All rails are available for purchase on pieces or as sets with thermoplastic granules for individual adaptation of the patient's rail. A box is also added to each rail.
  • In addition to the sale of individual rails, 2 sets of any selected types of rails are also available:
    • introductory set: 4 pieces of any rails, 4 boxes, 50 g of thermoplastic granules, 30 leaflets for Patients, 1 x stand for leaflets,
    • advanced set: 8 pieces of any rails, 8 boxes, 100 g of thermoplastic granules, 50 leaflets for Patients, 1 x stand for leaflets.
  • Thermoplastic spheres necessary to make rails are part of the sets. When purchasing a single rail, the balls should be purchased separately and they are added to the cost of the rail.
  • NOTE: Rails can only be purchased by a dentist who, thanks to his knowledge and completed courses, will adjust the rail correctly. Sales for individuals are not carried out. Please remember that the rail is a form of apparatus that can be used without the necessary knowledge, and therefore they must be worn by a professional. The splint is only the first stage of therapy, the rest depends on the knowledge and experience of the dentist. Each entity purchasing the rails is verified in the Central Statistical Office and in our system.
  • Additional materials:
    • NTI (Migran-X) - types of rails
    • Migran-X - information for the user
    • Migran-X - leaflet for the patient

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