PREDICTA BULK Bioactive - material for Bulk Fill fillings

€92.00 brutto

Bioactive material, double curing based on a resin composite


  • Bioactive material, double curing based on a resin composite
  • It releases calcium and phosphorus ions to stimulate the formation of apatite at the material / dentin interface
  • Excellent physical and chemical qualities of the material
  • High material stability, ease of work, durability similar to dentine strength
  • Well visible on X-ray pictures for easy identification
  • Perfect, tixotropic consistency for easy adaptation in any cavity
  • Available version LV - less dense for doctors preferring more "pouring" material
  • The right amount of nano-fillers ensures good polishing
  • Double hardening ensures unlimited tooth restoration thickness
  • The material is designed for any type of cavity class I, II, III, IV, V, suitable for Bulk Fill fillings
  • Depth of light curing up to 4.5mm
  • Crushing strength 135MPa (flexural strenght)
  • Tensile strength 53.3MPa (tensile strength)
  • Compressive strength 355MPa (compressive strength)
  • Tint: A2/B2 or A1/B1
  • Available versions:
    • Bulk Fill - less liquid
    • Bulk Fill LV - more fluid
  • Packaging: 5ml + 20 applicators

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