LC FILL - self-leveling Bulk Fill composite for final fillings

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LC FILL - self-leveling material for final fillings in color A1 / A2 with a chameleon effect. Excellent physico-chemical properties, low polymerization shrinkage, ease of application


  • LC FILL - self-leveling resin-based composite.
  • Highly liquid material for direct fillings in the lateral and frontal sections
  • It adapts to irregular shapes of deep cavities.
  • With his help you will rebuild the loss from its bottom to the chewing surface.
  • The minimum polymerization shrinkage guarantees perfect marginal tightness of the filling.
  • Well visible on X-ray pictures.
  • It allows bulk fillings to a depth of 4mm
  • The shade in the color A1 / A2 gives the possibility of obtaining a chameleon effect (the material "gets" the color from the surrounding tooth tissue).
  • The material is suitable for the final filling of cavities without the need to cover them with another composite
  • Excellent physical properties: compressive strength - 280Mpa, crush strength 145Mpa gives the possibility of its use on the surface. chewing
  • It can be used for the final reconstruction, rebuilding of bumps, sealing of prosthetic works,
  • A reputable producer of Parkell USA

  • Package: 1 large syringe 2.5ml (4.8g)

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