F-Splint-Aid - Fiberglass splint

€87.33 brutto

Stable fiberglass splint ready for immediate, durable and highly aesthetic tooth splinting.


  • F-Splint-Aid & F-Splint-Aid Slim - This is a ready-made, stable fiberglass rail.
  • For immediate permanent and highly aesthetic tooth splinting.
  • Biocompatible alternative for metal rail.
  • Particularly useful for immediate splinting.
  • The method is fast and minimally invasive.
  • Impregnated fiberglass saves time and money.
  • Convenient dispensing bottle.
  • Perfect positioning of the rail with attached clips.

  • Length: 120mm.

  • Two sizes available:
    • REF 5972 Standard - 4mm x 120mm
    • REF 5977 Thin - 2mm x 120mm

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