Lime-Lite Enhanced -primer with hydroxyapatite light.

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Hydroxyapatite foundation, calcium, phosphorus and fluorine release.

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Lime-Lite Enhanced - light-curing primer.
     It eliminates hypersensitivity
     It contains hydroxyapatite.
     It stimulates the formation of dentin
     Increased release of calcium ions, hydroxyl ions, phosphorus and fluorine ions.
     Increased adhesion to dentine
     Increased resistance to cracking and crumbling
     Does not contain: Bisphenol A, Bis-GMA, BPA
     Tolerant for moisture
     Chemically binds to binding systems and composites
     Visible on X-ray pictures
     Comfortable in application.
     Economical to use.
     Light curing for 20 sec.

     Available packages:
         1.2 ml syringe,
         3 ml syringe,
         set: 4 x 1.2 ml (4.8 ml).

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